Sunday, March 14, 2010

Perfect Love

In our relationships we enjoy Love & Affection. But these are the same relationships which give us pain, hurt & at times we feel completely disillusioned. Why it is so that the same person who gives you so much love & affection becomes the cause of hurt & pain? When relationships go wrong, then many times people are so much depressed in all such situations that they feel completely lost and alone in their lives. Why such relationship problems come in our lives? Why our lives are disrupted by our own relations with whom we in the first place received so much Love & Affection?

The answer to all the above questions is that we all are equally Human & equally Divine. Due to our Divine nature we are so lovable & due to our Human nature we fall a prey to ego, mistrust, hatred, jealousy, anger etc. which destroy our relationships. Now let us understand the nature of Love which is always pure & blissful. Each human being whether it's you, your partner or any of your relations, is having a Divine Soul & each one is a part of that Universal Soul - God. Soul is the source of Love in one's heart & it reflects from that person when we are in love. Nature of "Pure Perfect Love" is like the Sun shining in the sky but when this Sun of love in the sky of your heart is clouded by ego, mistrust, hatred, jealousy, anger etc. then our relationships are destroyed.

When we fall in love with someone, we love to be in the company of that person, as bright sunlight of love comes gushing through that person's Soul & we feel blissful. Receiving pure love from another person bestows a great blessing on us. Such a "Perfect Love" lets us realize the goodness & beauty in our Soul nature. Human Soul is beyond the qualities of our personality traits like ego, mistrust, hatred, jealousy, anger etc. that's why our experience of "Pure Perfect Love" is so beautiful. But when our mind is clouded by the negative personality traits, we have the problems in our relations. Same person who seemed so lovable once becomes an object of hatred. Just remember that our body is just a channel through which this radiance of "Pure Love" flows from our Soul in our heart but when it is clouded by our bad personality traits of ego, mistrust, hatred, jealousy, anger etc. in our mind, then all this love is marred.

How to preserve our relationships beautifully?

In our relationships, we continually move between times, when the Sun of "Perfect Love" in the clear sky is shining brightly and the times of dark clouds which cover this Blissful Sun by the negative traits of our human nature. Now as the sky is infinite & the clouds cannot cover the Sun always, same is the case with our relationships that if we move intelligently in our relationships then we can easily cross the times when it is marred by the clouds of ego, mistrust, hatred etc. Whenever, such negative qualities arouse in your relationships, just remember the immortal, loving, blissful qualities of Love that is shining through the Soul of each person in this world. Each human being is Divine in nature at the Soul level. So just ignore the negative traits of a person & Love that person unconditionally; just like a mother Loves her children, ignoring the negative traits & tantrums of her children.

Below are few verses of Bhagwat Gita which tell us that each human being is Divine at the core, as God as the "Super Soul" resides in the heart of all beings, from where fountain of "Perfect Love" springs out in our lives.

"sarvasya chaham hridi sannivisto"
God is seated in everyone’s heart.

"ishvarah sarva-bhutanam
hrd-dese ’rjuna tishthati"

The Supreme God dwells/resides in the hearts of all beings.

Below are some beautiful quotes on Love:

"There is more hunger for Love and Appreciation in this world than for bread." - Mother Teresa

"You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your Love and Affection." - Gautama Buddha

"What most people need to learn in life is how to Love people and use things, instead of using people and Loving things." - Author Unknown

"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it's what you are expected to give - which is everything" - Author Unknown

Jai Shri Krishna


  1. This post especially for Bhagvad gita is very nice for those life is in sorrowful and sadness.Every solution is available for problems of human life.

  2. Anonymous6:46 PM

    really nice

  3. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Beautifull lines,made my mind peacefull.

  4. Thank you Sir.
    This article has given me perfect direction while my relation is covered by those dark clouds.
    As written here i will just go unconditional in my relation and wait for clouds to be gone.

    Hare Krishana....