Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Tera Ram Ji Karenge Beda Par" a Bhajan by Hari Om Sharan - Music Video

"Tera Ram Ji Karenge Beda Par" is a beautiful bhajan sung by Hari Om Sharan. It is sung in the praise of Lord Rama. One of the best bhajans by Hari Om Sharan.


  1. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Does anyone know where to get the picture of Lord Rama that shows up at around time 1:20 seconds in this video

    I've googled for the above photo of Rama all over the place. There are different versions of the same basic photo available, being one example. But, to me, the photo at this link does not appear as nice (in finishing, colors, etc) as the one in the above video at around 1:20 seconds time.

    Can somebody please help? Thanks in advance...

  2. I too would love to get **that** picture of Rama in the video.